Hello and Welcome to Our Blog!

     Hi, I’m Mrs. Amenta! As you know from visiting this website, I am a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist/teacher.  I am not a professional writer, nor have I ever written in a blog before.  I do, however, enjoy writing and have a passion for all aspects of the speech & language field.  I also have a strong desire to help others and am by nature a creative person, which is why I believe that this blog will be therapeutic for me.  It will hopefully be just as useful, inspiring and interesting to others who have a strong interest in the speech-language pathology field. 

     All my blog entries will be designed to help students studying to be SLPs, other SLPs, teachers, administrators, parents, families, clients…. anyone interested in speech & language!  I look forward to sharing my own experiences, memories, and personal opinions as I continue to learn and grow in this diverse, ever-changing field.   I promise that all my entries will reflect my true self and thoughts, even if it is not popular opinion or if it is  constructive criticism.  It is my goal to educate readers on therapy topics to help make the lives of others easier. 

     I also intend to update readers about events on my professional calendar, such as conferences, classes, and company & association events.  I keep very active in my continuing education activities and enjoy going to workshops.  It is fascinating when new advancements cause a ripple effect that eventually changes how everyone views therapy approaches and practice.  It is also inspiring when innovation takes place and helps improve the quality of people’s lives for the better.  Moving forward, I will share information that I learned from these events as well as brainstorm ways I can use these new developments, ideas and concepts in my own, unique way to help my clients during therapy and through this blog.    Maybe you will want to try out these ideas too!

     Thank you for reading my blog and please visit again very soon!  I will blog every week!

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