How Do I Get Started?  How Does This Service Work?

We are accepting new clients!  

    1. Contact Your Personal SLP via our Contact Us form or or toll-free (800) 515-2908.  Our SLP will answer questions about speech & language development, our services & process, and discuss general information about your needs & concerns and will offer and arrange a 100% FREE, no obligation online appointment!  We strongly recommend this free, no obligation consultation/screening as it will allow the SLP to meet you online, get a better idea of your speech needs/skills, determine your appropriateness for online speech as well as provide you with an opportunity to get to know the SLP and see how services work.
    2. Unless deemed unnecessary by the therapist, an evaluation is a part of our process for all clients.  During the consultation & screening process, the SLP will talk with you and make suggestions about whether or not an evaluation is necessary, based upon information that you shared (such as previous speech therapy history, skill level, etc.)
    3. Since we offer many types of evaluations, the SLP will recommend which evaluation service is most appropriate to better understand your communication needs.  To move forward with your evaluation, please visit our link, Book Your Appointment.  Choose the recommended type of evaluation from the drop down list, book a convenient day & time for your appointment on our calendar, and then pre-pay with just a click of your mouse via PayPal using our 100% secure server and website!  Your Personal SLP will then respond by sending you a link for your online appointment.  After the evaluation is completed, a report is written and the results & recommendations are then discussed over the phone or via our computer platform (for up to a 30-minutes) at no additional charge.
    4. Your Personal SLP’s therapy sessions include direct therapy and daily homework/practice activities.   It also includes family or client contact before and/or after each session as well as written summaries of your performance during each session as requested.  Our documentation can be shared with other professionals.  There are no hidden costs or surprises and we require no contract!  To move forward with your therapy, you will be instructed to visit Book Your Appointment to schedule and arrange therapy sessions on your calendar.  Your Personal SLP will then respond by sending you a link for your online appointments.  You determine the day & time of your sessions based upon your own availability and circumstances!

Do you often forget your appointments and schedule?  No worries!  Your appointment times will post immediately to your digital calendar (i.e., Google).  We will send you frequent digital reminders!  This all makes scheduling and remembering speech therapy easier and less of a hassle!

*For all services, payment is made via PayPal through our secure website.  Services are pre-paid or ‘pay as you go.’  The sessions that you purchase do not expire.  We require NO contract or long-term obligation.  Your Personal SLP wants you to feel comfortable as we are aware that needs, circumstances, and availability for sessions may change during the course of treatment.

For more information, Contact Us.  (800) 515-2908.  We offer a 100% FREE consultation and screening (up to 30-minutes) with no obligation! We see clients in CA, CT, ME, MI, NY, & OR!