Your Personal SLP provides a fully interactive experience.  All of services are provided via our real-time, face-to-face, and fully interactive audio & visual system.  Our SLP uses the same tools that an ‘in-person’ SLP may use during her speech & language therapy classes.

-Our SLP taps into her creativity to make your therapy sessions very personalized to your personality, preferences, and needs.  For example, if you enjoy a specific topic (TV show, movie, toy, sport or music, even something unusual), our SLP may use these themes within various therapy activities.  Our SLP also enjoys incorporating thematic lessons including holiday, seasonal & other popular themes.

-Our speech therapy is definitely NOT ‘cookie-cutter’ (or the same for every client).  As we get to know you, our SLP plans your speech classes and considers which therapy materials and instruction is best to improve your skills.

Some tools that our SLP may use during therapy include:

-Incorporating printed pictures, cards, books, and any other therapy materials that the SLP uses by uploading them directly into our platform for use with you, just as she would be able to do ‘in-person’

-Using online games/activities specifically designed to improve your speech and language skills

-Incorporating an interactive and easy-to-use whiteboard during lessons to teach concepts and skills

-Sharing segments of videos to teach skills and gain your attention

-Sharing documents and editing them in real-time to improve your skills

-Reinforcing your good work and behaviors by offering digital rewards and games

-There are many more tools available for our SLP to use…it is really fantastic!

If you would like to observe your family member’s online speech therapy, our platform allows you to do so remotely!

The following are screen shots of our platform.  We captured them to share some examples of how our fully interactive, HIPAA-compliant platform allows for real-time, face-to-face (audio & visual) interaction between the client and SLP:
A fully interactive experience allows the client and the therapist to see and speak with one another in real-time through the computer. Many therapy activities can be completed while maintaining an audio and visual connection.
Students are prompted to select the correct answers to questions. In this example, the therapist helps the student to answer what, when, who, how, and why questions as well as complete problem-solving tasks from presented photos.
In this example of a pragmatic/social skill activity, students are prompted to determine what emotions look like in photos. Just as with in-person therapy, the cards show a range of emotional expressions and the student is asked to identify one of the emotions.
Puzzles and other interactive games are incorporated into therapy, just as with in-person therapy.
Our therapy tools allow for free form drawing as well as manipulation of stickers and game pieces for different activities and rewards.
A multitude of photos are used as therapy tools to instruct students in language/grammar such as with this activity focusing on pronouns.
As with all speech sounds, students participate in various activities to work on improving sounds. This picture relates to “Th” sounds.
Therapy is individualized to include subjects of interest to students such as sports to promote a rewarding experience.

For more information, Contact Us. Toll free at (800) 515-2908.  We offer a 100% FREE consultation and screening (up to 30-minutes) with no obligation! We see clients in CA, CT, ME, MI, NY, & OR!