What are the Benefits of Speech Therapy Provided to Clients Online (Also Known as Speech Telepractice)? 

  • Our services provide access to high-quality speech language therapy services!  As a licensed & certified professional, our SLP is responsible for adhering to the same laws, rules, regulations, and upholding the same standards/competencies as any other SLP (that practices with or without the use of technology, over a distance).   We ensure that the standards used in tele-practice are consistent with those employed by traditional ‘in-person’ professional services.
  • Our services are very convenient for clients with busy schedules!  Therapy sessions are available to meet your schedule throughout the day, evenings, or weekends (per request). For example, therapy is available before or after school, on lunchbreaks, after work, or during a work break.   Clients find it easier to arrange therapy to work around a busy schedule and have more time for other responsibilities.  Using our website features, they love how it only takes a click of the mouse to compare schedules, arrange their appointments, and pay for services.  With all the digital reminders that they receive (if requested), it’s a snap!
  • Our services may be less stressful than services provided in-person! Clients with complex medical conditions may be more comfortable and/or less stressed since they are in the comfort of own homes or offices.
  • Our services require no travel and are less of a hassle!  There is no need to travel from work or school to therapy.  There is a reduced cost to clients since they do not have to pay the gas to travel to a location or pay for SLPs to drive to their locations (no travel fees!).  The fees are the same as traditional ‘in-person’ therapy, although clients receive benefit from all of these conveniences.

For more information, Contact Us.  Toll free at (800) 515-2908.  We offer a 100% FREE consultation and screening (up to 30-minutes) with no obligation! We see clients in CA, CT, MI, NY, & OR!