• Any PC or Mac computer. An iPad (using iOS 11 or higher) with a large screen can also be used.
  • The Google chrome browser, which is free to download (most recommended).  FireFox browser, version 57 or higher can also be used.
  • A webcam (if the computer does not have it built-in)
  • Generally, just the built-in microphone on your computer; however, a simple headset may be necessary if the sound isn’t clear
  • Any e-mail address to receive invites and reminders
  • Google calendar is not a requirement but if you have a calendar, the appointments will immediately be synched when you book your appointments

Before you start, please follow the Session Preparation Checklist:

1) Check your connection speed meets the minimum requirements
a. Go to http://www.speedtest.net, click the “Go” button and wait for the results to appear
b. The minimum speed requirements are as follows:
          Ping:             25ms
          Download: 3MB/sec
          Upload:       3MB/sec
If the connection speed does not meet minimum requirements, try using wired network connection instead of wireless connection and run the test again. If it does not help, contact your Internet Service Provider to upgrade your network to meet the minimum requirements.

2) Download an approved browser:
Please refer to this article in order to download or update your browser

3) Verify your headphones and microphone are connected to your computer

4) Verify your mouse is connected to your computer

5) Run WebRTC Troubleshooter
Click on this link to test connectivity, camera and microphone
If your camera or microphone check fails make sure your camera is installed and drivers are configured.
If your connectivity check fails your firewall will need to be adjusted (See # 7)

6) Adjust firewall settings if necessary
Open TCP port 443 for outbound SSL and non-SSL traffic to *.theraplatform.com
Open UDP port 3478 for inbound and outbound traffic to *.theraplatform.com
Whitelist the following domains: *.theraplatform.com, *.s3.amazonaws.com

Important: Once you open the port run WebRtc troubleshooter (Point 6) to verify your network is configured correctly.

7) Make sure your computer is 3 years or newer and it is either Windows (we recommend windows 10) or Mac